NDIS & Disability

At Physio Logics, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a great quality of life. Our Physiotherapists are NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) providers and we want to help you to achieve your goals and take part in all the things you love.

The NDIS aims to provide services and supports to people with disabilities, their families and carers.  There are age, residency, disability and early intervention access requirements, which participants must meet to become registered under the NDIS. It is available to anyone under the age of 65.

If you are registered with the NDIS and have a disability we encourage you to use the services and funding on offer for Physiotherapy.

We offer our NDIS patients:

  • One-on-one hands on therapy
  • Tailored Exercise programs
  • Gym-based and exercise sessions with our Physiotherapist. We have access to surrounding gyms.
  • Techniques to improve your current situation and quality of living.