Speech Pathology

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Our Speech Pathologists in the Wentworth Point medical practice have 20 years’ experience
in speech, language, learning, developmental and neurological disorders.  Our Speech
Pathology department is run by ‘Child Think’ which is the oldest and largest paediatric
organization in Australia.  We are very experienced with many difficult cases, and we also
provide individual assessment and treatments of adults with speech and swallowing deficits.
We will strive to ensure our patients receive the most up to date, evidence-based, and cost-
effective treatment there is to offer. We provide the latest and best programs available in
the industry which are well researched and proven to WORK!

Our Services include assessment and therapy for:
 Children from the ages of 6 months with speech or developmental delays or specific
learning difficulties
 Swallowing/Feeding assessments
 Children at Primary & Secondary school including Special Provisions Assessment,
 Dyslexia assessment
 Students at University with attention and learning difficulties
 Adults with speech and learning issues
 Children with literacy issues and adults with motor and sensory difficulties
 Treatment of all ages!
Specifically, our services offer core competencies in assessing and providing intervention
and detailed reports for Dyslexia, gifted children, ADHD, adolescents, special provisions,
Austism/Aspergers, and learning difficulties.

We can also provide you with Speech Pathologists who speak multiple languages include
English, Chinese, Cantonese and Malay.

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